Technology allows us to illustrate and testify to the existence of related phenomena, things or problems that we do not see. The development of tools has allowed us to see platelets, broken bones, and even atoms. We accept these images because these and only these confirm the presence or absence of "something". 

This problem pushed me to work on shaping and creating images of mental illnesses. The issue of mental disorders, in the context of imaging, is the inability to visualize. The inability to define and describe them in an absorbent and imaginable way. I try to create their shape, give them material, touchable form to understand them better. Inspired by the features that connect all mental disorders,
I created a group of photographic objects. This is my attempt to give a defined feeling of the disorder. The most important thing in my work is the experience of synchronized audio, video and objects inside of the claustrophobic gallery at the same time.

The work consists of 10 objects, video and soundscape.