being infinitely unconscious

Locking yourself in the unconsciousness forever is a sleepwalking that you can never wake up of. Apparent forward movement on an imaginary trajectory is only an illusion. The passage of time and sound experiences are false and in the middle of this illusion tunnel nothing is real. At the same time, waves of everyday life and the appearance of reality breaks through from the outside - nervous, tense, unbearable. It intertwines neatly with a good night's sleep about something that I will never reach at the end.

an attempt to enter the area of consciousness

However, outside this state, there is a very brutal area of consciousness. Cold and sticky. After experiencing sleepwalking in a closed unconsciousness I feel like longing for her. From the outside, it seems to be a warm, pleasant place full of light and peace. However, I can never find it in a state of consciousness, I am outside of it, I watch it from the distance, longing to get inside. When I think I've found the entrance, all the heat disappears from its inside.