pustostany ( uninhabited building, pl also: empty states of mind)

empty states of mind consists of three objects, representing three specific points in the space of the room.

The visual impulse for the first part of the series was the ceiling remembered since I was a child - made of plaster icicles in my family home. It scared me and at the same time because of its atypicality, I still wanted to look at it.

Feeling emptiness and suspension. I usually experienced fear or anxiety during sleepless nights, staring at insignificant points, trying to control my thoughts.

Therefore "staring at ..." has acquired a new quality for me. I reevaluated thoughts of an empty state of mind that results in intense gazing blank, absent-minded at the ceiling, chandelier or peeling off wallpaper from the wall.
I interpreted these three suspension points of sight, mirroring a state of frustration and overwhelming thoughts.
Both the materials used and the impressions mentioned, as well as the colors, are an essential part of the empty-states, which representative forms I created.

dried gelatin, lightbulbs, plaster.