this is my artist statement

Nowadays, it is difficult to choose only one point of interests in art that manifests itself later in practice. While studying photography over the past few years, I realized that this area is paradoxically almost over and yet just being discovered.

It seems to me that photography has ceased to be only about taking pictures since its origins. It’s a whole philosophy of looking and understanding the mechanism. Analyzing the tool and using its advantages has become significant for me under creating process. I'm basing on the consequences this medium carries,  but I'm not necessarily using it strictly.

Human perception became the subject of my analysis. Feelings, emotions, entities impossible to depict or shape, I work to sculpt images and materialize them. My inspirations is human itself: its body, relationship with reality, but above all - its mind.

In my private story, I have been hospitalized many times, which instead of fear aroused in me kind of fascination, curiosity related to the human body, physiology and emotional relation to the above. Considering this area, I usually resort to spatial objects or installations, often combining them with a moving image or sculpture, in which I use materials and forms around medical, as well as motifs related to the human body. 

The properties and purpose of given utilitarian raw materials or techniques are important in my practice and I reach for their meaning. Every aspect of a given work is important: from shape, scale, medium to color and way of exposure. In current practice, I study the human mind and perception of the world in my way through the prism of mental disorders, human behavior and reactions, the cause of which I find in the mind.