"...the artist is in a sense, a neuroscientist, exploring the potentials and capacities of the brain, though with different tools. How such creations can arouse aesthetic experiences can only be fully understood in neural terms. Such an understanding is now well within our reach." S. Zeki
I would like to share with you my work, experiences and the results of my self-observation analyzes. I invite you to my personal laboratory which I have the pleasure to create in the Rodriguez gallery.
I am a crybaby,
I need to cry,
I need to be hysterical.
I feel sorry.
I'm pouring out.

I'm looking for regularities and disturbing them.
I destroy.
I'm analyzing anomalies however.
I'm stubborn to find what works and what is not.
Why we surrounding ourselves so compulsively by regular structures?
Regular structures surrounding us.
From cells and tissues to the wires of matress on which we've got our worst nightmares.

feelings expansion - ineffective stabilizers

Feelings are sometimes inadequate to everyday life. Then there are disproportions between the intensity of experiencing things and their density. They need support: expansion. However, this works in both directions. When expansion occurs, it is out of proportion to actual changes in feelings. It becomes the aforementioned inadequacy. It is one of the poles between which stabilization becomes. Internal emotional states grow, spill out, take on unexpected shapes and consequences.


sublimation - transition phase